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Forms of Assistance

Emergency Grants or "E-Grants":

E-Grants  provide emergency assistance to current students,  allowing them to continue their education at Autry Technology Center.

    • E-Grants are a “last resort” option.  Funding is for non-tuition related emergencies only. Examples include transportation, utility and medical needs.  

    • Staff will work with the student to exhaust all other funding options, as well as work with students to connect them with area agencies who might be able to better provide assistance before suggesting applying for a grant.  

    • Maximum award is $250.

    • E-Grants have an open deadline and decisions are often made within 24 hours.


Grants provide financial assistance to potential and current students to allow them to begin or continue their education at Autry Technology Center.

• Funding is for tuition, transportation, supplies, uniforms or other expenses that may be       required for a student to successfully participate in a class at Autry.

• Grant amount is determined based on the applicant’s need.  Generally,  the applicant will be required to pay a portion of the expense. 

Form & Applications

Forms & Applications

OR click on the links below to print and mail in an application.

Guidelines & Application

Grant Application

E-Grant Application

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